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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where the Hell Have We Been? Let Me Tell You!

I really didn't realize until today that I had not blogged in almost 2 months, and that we are going into the studio to record an album's worth of material tomorrow. What the hell happened? I only closed my eyes for a second. It's Halloween weekend, and we're recording, which is way cool! Yet it's bittersweet that I won't be out to socialize.

A lot has happened in the last few months. Obviously, we settled on recording time, and we're working out the logistics with our new label Critical Sun. We're very excited to be working with them. I feel like I can speak on behalf of everyone in The Januariez here, but I cannot fully express here how much I enjoy everyone I've met and have had the pleasure to work/perform with. Everything is happening so fast. Even the recording. It's kinda scary, but I am of the mind that the more it scares me, the more I should do it! The gloves are off!

But aside from all that, other things have come into play. Although these things are personal, I cannot attempt to separate them from my life as a musician. So much of what I experience on a personal level informs the very music of The Januariez, especially the lyrical content. And I'm sure that seems pretty transparent, but I gotta keep the record straight, even for myself.

September and October have been a wild ride for all of us. Reno and Gorilla J went on a 2 week tour with their stoner rock band, A Sic End. (And do they have stories to go with that!) During which time, my grandfather died. Right after their return, we jumped back into practice. A week or so later, I was in a collision on my bicycle. A man ran a red light, and I attempted to avert his van and failed. I'm okay. I'm recovering. But since the accident, I've been sandwiched in existential reverie.

Needless to say I've been thinking a lot. I had to fly to Arkansas a few weeks ago for the memorial. It was held in Gavleston, TX, but my sister, who is unable to care for herself, lives outside of Little Rock and had no way of getting to Texas on her own. My friend, Jon, and I fetched her for the event and made the 10 hour haul. (It was like a Fellini movie, but that's another story altogether.) My sister was very close to him. He pretty much raised us, but I'd left home a long time ago, and our grandparents were the only real constant in her life.

The reason I share all this is because I know it will shape some music and lyrics to come. It has already begun. The stuff we're recording right now has nothing to do with what has just happened. It has to do with things that have a happened a few years ago. It's so weird to record music that deals with things long gone. As I know that when we get around to recording the music born from the present, which will most likely be another couple of years, I will look at it much the same way. God it feels like time travel.

Well enough of that… I will end up writing lyrics in this blog if I don't stop now!

On a lighter, brighter, and more grounded note, after this weekend of tracking, we have shows coming up! And we're in the process of booking a mini Mid South tour for March! All you Southern lovelies will finally get to see us! We'll keep everyone posted on the details! Until then, we have shows in West Seattle, Bremerton, Shoreline, and we're working on Tacoma and Bellingham. If you are nearby, join us! Our next show is with our label mate, Reji Lefluer!

Thanks again for all your love and support! We love you!