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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Album is Here!

Okay everyone! I know I've not posted anything since June. And the last time I posted, I said something about recording an album. I also spoke of a new bass player. Prior to that, we were traveling, playing shows, and shooting random/not-s0-random video. 

An entire season has gone by. Now it's time to show everyone what we've been working on! Firstly, our CD release party for our debut album, Authentic. 

The Januariez CD Release Masque!
feat Three for T and The Black Tones
special prizes for peeps in costume!
Drink Specials

El Corazon Lounge
$8 advance/$10 day of show
8pm all ages 

We spent a chuck of July with Jack Endino. Recording, LISTENING, mixing, LISTENING, mixing, and more LISTENING. And I think we got ourselves a good CD. 

We are super excited!

But wait! There's more!  We have set up something of a small tour. Here are the dates so far:

Oct 20  Tacoma, WA 
@ The New Frontier
with Sources in Code, Shrouded in Veils, and Midnight Graves

Oct 27  Seattle, WA
@ El Corazon Lounge
with Three for T and The Black Tones

Nov 2 Portland, OR
@ East End 
with Pink Slip, The GoodSons, and Right On John

Nov 9 Richland, WA
@ Ray's Golden Lion
with Leona X, Static Box, and Tragedy Within

Nov 18 Eugene, OR
@ Black Forest
with Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. 

We will be adding shows throughout October, so stay tuned to Twitter or Facebook. 

Now, onto bass players. As you know, my old friend Tony Rivera stepped in to help on some gigs while we found a replacement for Gorilla. As it turns out, we all reached the conclusion that the three of us are a really good fit. So Tony has officially joined us as the permanent bass player! Yay Tony! In exchange, I will be providing vocals for Tony's solo project, Shai Azul. 

And now the bit about the video….

We had planned to make a short documentary about our travel to SXSW last March. Well, the direction of the video has somewhat shifted. With Gorilla's departure, the new album, and everything else, well, a shift seems to be in order. We plan to have some footage ready to go with the official CD release. 

So that's it for now! It's been a very busy summer! We're really excited to share our work! 

Until next time!