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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Bittersweet Stuff

Hi everyone,
Sorry I've not written or posted in a while...the Januariez were really busy up until June, and then, we weren't, and now, we haven't been. It's hard to drive a band when the engine is missing some cylinders, and in our case, there was too much downtime between shows and tours. One of us would go out of town for a while, and we'd go without practice for a month or two. After a while, we lost momentum. Or perhaps it was just me. And in the end, it probably is only me.

So. We have been on hiatus since June. We also took a break from late November to March, and we've had to turn down some awesome shows during those periods. There are only so many shows you can turn down before it begins to affect your trajectory. The last query I received, however, instead of turning down the gig, I asked to play solo, and well, that's what's happening! I have my first solo gig Aug 26 at The Sunset. Doors at 7:30. $6. I'm first.

As far as the future of The Januariez goes, I have no idea if and when we will be playing out again or what that line up will look like. Right now, it's not moving. Everyone's busy with other projects, and I'd rather not force it. So for the time being, I will only be performing my songs solo. What happens along the new path remains to be seen.

With all that said, I am still performing with live bands, and I've spent the summer jamming and playing with different people. Most recently, I started playing with a band called Taxidermy Western. They are kinda like a Johnny Cash meets QOTSA sort of band. Really grimy with strong imagery. It's cool, cause for years I've tried to get lead guitarists to make their guitars sound "like a ghost" on a couple of my songs, and no one ever quite knew what I meant. I stepped into rehearsal with Taxidermy, and they busted out that exact phrase in describing how they wanted something done! Total trip and a good omen! So I'm singing and making eerie noises. It's fun, and I'm doing something different and cool. We played our first show together last Friday at Chop Suey, and there's potential for more. Go like them on FB and reverbnation!

On a different front, I am back to teaching on a larger schedule. I don't know if you remember, but I was hit by a van on my bike almost 2 years ago. I broke/bruised a few ribs, damaged a lot of soft tissue, and re-arranged my entire perspective. I just don't see the world the same way, and I know I am not even the same person. My brain just functions better. I feel sharper. So much so that I signed on to volunteer with Rain City Rock Camp for Girls.

Rain City Rock Camp is hands down the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of. I wish I'd had this camp when I was a kid. Sure it's a rock camp, but they compliment it with self defense, body image workshops, media literacy, and self-empowerment! At my interview, they asked me if I could make an all day training, and I remember thinking, what the hell is going on that requires a full day training? And well, when I realized the camp's mission, it all made sense. Some of these girls have never touched an instrument in their lives, and this camp creates a safe space for young girls to find their power. Absolutely amazing! Note that there is also a ladies rock camp in the fall! Perfect for those who have never played an instrument but have always wanted to!

And then, about the time I joined up with RCRC, the School of Rock announced it was moving only blocks from my house. I've been teaching for years, so I dropped off a resume and cover letter right before they opened. After a couple of follow-ups, I met up with the manager, and less than a week later, I was hired for a songwriting summer camp. Currently I am only a sub, but the place is growing! Looking forward to what's ahead!

That's about it on the music front. The rest of my life has been pretty busy, too, but that kinda goes without saying. It's good to be here!