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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Madness (and I'm not Talking About the NCAA)

March! You're here!  I wasn't certain we were going to make it. The days are growing longer, 3 weeks away from the equinox, plants are budding, I feel more alive, and The Januariez have A LOT going on! 

I meant to get this email out Thursday morning, but I've been so swamped! As mentioned in the last newsletter, The Januariez were slated to back Alice Bag on her Violence Girl book tour. Those dates began March 1rst, when we were her backing band at the Babylon Death Party at the INartsNW Collective! I'm still reeling from the event! Big thanks to Kook Teflon and Tony James for putting on the event!  And it was awesome to share the stage with Gaydolf Hitler, Jackie HellThe Witches Titties, ArtStar, JT Hooker, and of course, Alice Bag!


The next night, I joined Alice and her friend and former bandmate, Angie, for an acoustic set at Left Bank books. It was a completely different vibe, but amazing and fun nonetheless. Gorilla and Reno were playing with A Sic End, so they missed out. 

The following day, we backed Alice again for an afternoon show at the UW Women Who ROck Conference. I don't think I've ever been this nervous before. There were no lights in my eyes to hide everyone, and the folks in front of the stage were sitting down. And then, right before we were supposed to start, we learn that Medusa was going to get on stage, too! IN the middle of the show, I look up and I see Ann Powers from NPR taking a photo with her phone and then tweeting it! OMG! 

It was a really cool event, even if I did almost shake apart on stage. Perhaps this is just a precursor of bigger things to come…

WHEW!     and then….

We get ready for SXSW!  

March 8th we play the Critical Sun SXSW send off show at the Sunset in Ballard, and the next night we play NOT NXNW in Bremerton at the Hi-Fidelity Lounge! All you Tacoma and West Sounders will have a chance to see us and wish us well before we head out of town! 


We play the Critical Sun Showcase at Jackalope the afternoon of Wednesday March 14th. The show already has almost 1500 rsvps. I'm not sure what to think of all that…I'm trying not to think about it. I made a little mantra to help me not think. Anyway, the show is benefitting the Williamson County Regional Humane SocietyCritical Sun has also released a compliation CD to raise money to support the all the artists while in Austin. You can download it here! 

Now we've left the 15th and 16th open for the unexpected. Throughout my life, I've found that if I leave room for chance, opportunity finds me good and well. And I'm at a point emotionally, physically, and spiritually where I believe I am ready to create and establish a space for myself and The Januariez in this industry. I've spent years watching other people make mistakes as well as make success. I've taken notes. I've practiced. And most importantly, I've learned how to work with other people without compromising myself. And now I'm ready to follow through. Ready to walk through that door! So we're headed to Austin, and we're gonna play, we're gonna hang out and relax, and we're gonna document the whole thing. 

We've set up a kickstarter page to help us fund our documenting of SXSW! So far we have reached 25% of our goal! We have 15 days left! Every little bit counts! We even have rewards for $5 pledges! And you don't have to pay now! All you need to do is make the pledge! 


Next, we're headed to my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. We're playing St Paddy's Day at theDowntown Music Hall with the sparkly Glittercore and one of my oldest and best friends Jon Teague and his band The Many Persian Z's. This event is ALL AGES! 

For our final show down South, we head out to Hardtails in Georgetown, TX where we will meet up with Critical Sun for another showcase benefitting the Animal Shelter. This is a Sunday, so all you folks that couldn't make the Jackalope show cause it was on a Wednesday can make the drive and see us here!

A word on our album: 
I'm not sure if you all know or not, but I was in a bicycle accident in late September. I was riding my bike through a green light when a van ran the light and I hit him. I hit the ground pretty good and suffered some severely bruised ribs. The compression on my ribcage has made it difficult to sing, and so I've been unable to record. The doctors believe I should be recovered by the end of April, at which time we will re-schedule our recording. I hate that we won't have a new CD with us while we're out of town, but we have the remaining copies of the EP, which when they're gone; they're gone. There will not be a re-print. And we'll have T-shirts. 

I can't tell you how much we appreciate all the love and support we've seen from everyone! My hope is that we repay it every time we play!

Until next time!

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