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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Upcoming Solo Show and Other Stuff


Hope everyone is doing well out there. A lot has changed since my last post, and many of those changes have inspired me to be a little more active musically, socially, and politically. Here's what's been happening:

This past January, I performed with my friend Nandi at the Seattle Womxn's March. Historically, I have not been one do march or get involved with a cause, but a week before the march, I got a phone call asking me to play guitar. The prospect was absolutely terrifying. 50,000-75,000 were expected. I fought with myself for a 5 days, questioning my ability to perform. But I had been called-I didn't choose to do this. And for that reason, and considering the climate, I felt I didn't have a choice. So we performed from 10-1 for 175,000 marchers. Here are a few pics:

That box we're on was our stage! Nandi (middle) and I would take turns with Tina (left). Tina would speak, and then Nandi and I would sing and play. And look at the marvelous weather we had!

Then this week, I participated in the Women's Strike. I did not know I would be doing it until the day of when I awoke to learn that the Statue of Liberty had unintentionally gone dark. I took it as a sign! The act had a much greater personal impact on me as woman than I had even considered possible-my physical posture even changed from the event. I could dedicate an entire blog post to what was gleaned from the experience.

On the music front, I have been beyond busy. At the moment, I have a cool recording project in the works. I'm not divulging too many details until we are closer to the release. I will say, however, that I am taking the most unconventional approach-trying things I've never considered doing. It's been very challenging, yet exceptionally liberating. The music should be ready by fall!

That said, I will be previewing some of it on April 7 at Emerald City Music Night. I am playing tow 40 minute solo sets featuring songs I've written over the last 10 years. (Has it really been that long?) Here's the link to the event:

Show April 7
Emerald City Music Night
9336 California Ave SW
Doors at 7; show at 8

My work with the Seattle Guitar Circle continues. We just did a really cool event in Tacoma! Horror-themed Belly Dance! And we performed a little set around the movie Halloween. But I actually played Michael Myers rather than guitar. Ha! Been a LONG time since I did any performance art! There were 2 other Michael Myers besides me, both of which were played by Butoh dancers. I tried to post a video, but looks like the file is too large.  How about a photo instead?

phoro credit: Drumroll Studios

Currently, I participating in an online Guitar Circle course based in Berlin, which is where I went for my Beginner's Course in January 2016. There isn't a set project coming up at the moment, but there are definitely some ideas being kicked around. And I have to say, the people involved are some of the most dedicated to their craft. It's been an honor working with them.

And finally, there is a feminist/queer hair metal recording project in London brewing, and I am slated to be involved with that! It's still in demo land, but it's moving!

So yeah, lots going on! Hopefully I will see you April 7!

Best Wishes,

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